Young speakers wow their audience in Braunton

Joseph Bulmer

ELEVEN eloquent finalists delivered a range of superb speeches to an audience of parents and students in the library of Braunton School on Wednesday.

All 704 students at the school were given the opportunity to enter the speaking competition during their English lessons and at the final a panel of four judges, including principal David Sharratt, scored their presentations.

MR Sharratt said it was not an easy task to select a winner from an impressive clutch of orators, who spoke on topics ranging from the ethical and moral dilemmas posed by euthanasia to ancient tales of shipwrecked sailors.

“All of us appreciated the talk about our Banking system and how it has nearly destroyed our global economy,” he said.

“Many students prepared excellent PowerPoint slide shows and some brought artefacts along to add extra interest. In short, they had all worked very hard to perform with such confidence and aplomb.”

He thanked Lorraine Kennedy for organising the event and the Y10 catering students who prepared and served refreshments.

The Key Stage 3 winner was Noah Milton with his speech entitled “Why we should recycle more” and Key Stage 4 winner was Harriett Stevens speaking on “Euthanasia.”

The winners have been invited to enter the Rotary Club’s Youth Speaks event next year.