Wreckers plunder Golden Balls

Joseph Bulmer

JAMIE Prideaux floored 68 for Golden Balls, but it was a losing cause as his side lost their local derby with the Shipwreckers in Ilfracombe Skittles League.

Tony Milward’s 68, however, helped Planet of the Grapes to victory away to St George’s Boys and Northern Lights gained a rare away win at Hele Faithfuls, with the help of 67 from Mike Turton.

Division 4 team Shirtlesss 6 have withdrawn from the league and future fixturesagainst them will be byes. Points won against them in the second half of the season have been removed from the records.

Div 1: D J Bees 308, Marlboro’ Magicians 332; Easy Six 308, Peers 344; Buddy’s 290, Ups & Downs 279; Golden Balls 303, Shipwreckers 329; Who Spares Wins 291, Shammick 316; 50 Up Club 298-292 Toe Rags 292.

Div 2: Hele Faithfuls 273, D J’s All Stars 273; Mag 7 299, Look Up Guts 332; Sawmill Off Cuts 299, Northern Lights 281; Globetrotters 258, Unpredictables 259; Pipe Cleaners 315, Texasix 289; Castle Trophies 278, Cliffhangers 287; Vilma’s Vanderboys 261, The Vickers 247; Hele Faithfuls 287, Northern Lights 301.