Work to develop North Devon fishing industry

Joseph Bulmer

AIMS to help the fishing industry adapt and prosper for the future have been unveiled by the Northern Devon Local Fisheries Group.

It says market development, education and awareness, diversification, efficiency and long-term development should be the objectives.

A European funding pot of �3.75 million is available to only six English fishing communities, of which North Devon is one. The strength of the strategy produced by FLAG will help determine the amount of funding available.

It is hoped to promote North Devon fish as a name for quality and sustainability, increase demand and develop the industry through infrastructure or training.

Money will be accessible for projects that support the strategy, not only amongst fishermen, but industries such as catering, tourism and retail.

“The funding we are targeting is available for links to industry rather than just fishing,” said John Butterwith, CEO of the North Devon Fishermen’s Association.

“It’s all about strengthening the North Devon fishing community as a whole.”

FLAG is made up of fishermen, business, councils and group such as North Devon Biosphere Resrve. It is supported and facilitated by North Devon Plus.

Anyone who wants to get involved or requires more information can email