Whites shock the Stars

Joseph Bulmer

All Whites caused a shock in Division 2 of the North Devon Netball League, defeating leaders Bude Stars by two goals.

Bude have dominated the division so far this season, but this time met their match. Sharon Cloak’s shooting was on form, giving All Whites the edge.

In the top division, Titans Jupiter showed the break has worked in their favour as they were able to move the ball effectively to defeat Venners Bakery Cobras.

Youngsters Anna Caswell and Victoria Urquart gained the player of the match honours yet again for Reeds Silverside and Bude Satellites respectively, but it was Reeds who took a 45-34 victory.

Carol Anne Golds maintained their improvement, defeating North Devon Homes Stars in Division 3.

Katie Michael worked tirelessly to give Venners Bakery Pythons a narrow win over Exmoor Beasties in Division 4, despite great shooting by Amy Wilson-Bowden.

Div 1: Carol Anne Diamonds 54, Venners Bakery Vipers 34; Titans Apollo 53, Carol Anne Trolls 26; Titans Jupiter 36, Venners Bakery Cobras 21; Carol Anne Sapphires 29, Pat Williams Girls 21.

Div 2: Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks 42, Carol Anne Amethysts 21; All Whites 36, Bude Stars 34; South Molton Falcons 35, Langtree Re-Unites Rogues 25; Titans Venus 29, Carol Anne Emeralds 21.

Div 3: Reeds Silverside 45, Bude Satellites 34; Carol Anne Golds 33, North Devon Homes Stars 18.

Div 4: Carol Anne Topaz 47, Carol Anne Opals 18; Venners Bakery Pythons 24, Exmoor Beasties 21.