Visions for Dolton

Joseph Bulmer

A COMMUNITY led planning initiative set up and supported by Dolton Parish Council continues to make progress through the Dolton Vision Group.

The group, open to all members of the public, is exploring ways to meet the needs and aspirations of local people as highlighted in the Parish Plan and reviewed Action Plan.

All aspects of village life are being considered, including traffic and transport, housing and education, employment and tourism, sport and leisure, in the search for a healthy mix of solutions, opportunities and sustainability.

Following a successful open day last spring, a second is being held on Saturday, February 19, in Dolton and Dowland Village Hall from 2pm to 5pm to gain further support and involvement.

Feedback from the initial Dolton Vision Day has since encouraged the group and the parish council, with the assistance of independent consultants, to compile and distribute their own housing survey, designed to better

reflect the requirements and views of the parish.

Local landowners have also been approached to gauge their interest in the community led planning initiative.

Saturday’s open day will include a presentation by one of the county’s leading experts on the concept of Community Land and Property Trusts, followed by an informal discussion to see if the people of Dolton would like to form their own trust to help provide necessary infrastructure, services and amenities.

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