Video: Barnstaple TV ad is ‘not the first’

Joseph Bulmer

New advert will follow in the footsteps of 1993 television commercial.

A NEW television advert being made to promote Barnstaple is not the first produced for the town.

Last week the Gazette reported news of a BID Barnstaple commercial currently under production, but some readers will remember a similar campaign aired on Westcountry Television some 20 years earlier.

The 30 second adverts were filmed in 1993 and shown on prime time television over a period of months that year.

Former Green Lanes Shopping Centre manager Bryan Jones said he and businessman Simon Baldwin, who handled the marketing for the shopping centre, canvassed local traders to help pay for the advert.

Mr Jones said: “We went around the town and raised the money from small shops – similar to the way the BID levy works today.

“We raised �32,000 to pay for a commercial profiling Barnstaple as a destination to visit.

“That ad was called ‘Time to Visit’ and a commercial crew came down from London to film it.”

Mr Jones said the advert marked the start of much of the Bloom success the town enjoyed throughout the 1990s.

“People saw the advert and they came to the town and saw the shopping, attractions and floral displays, and they came back again and again.”

“Barnstaple has an awful lot to offer and I’m pleased to see the town is being proactively marketed again.”