Uncovering North Devon's hidden talent

North Devon Gazette

New Year, New Music.Â

What I find amazing and inspirational is the amount of musical talent we have in North Devon. I’ve been in a great position to watch young musicians get together, create songs to play in front of others. It’s a massive challenge to put your thoughts and feelings into words and try and get people to hook in with a tune. Â

I want to expose a few of these brave youngsters and give them a bit of a platform and find out what makes them tick.Â

I recently saw three lads from Braunton, Luke, Will and Rio, give a great performance in Exeter. These dudes met at school and all seem really passionate about music and have formed a wicked band called Region. I managed to get a few words out of them, enjoy.Â

What is your background in music and how did you get together?Â

W - I started as a small musician just playing covers at local Open mics, which is where I met the other guys! Â

L - My First Bass guitar was bought for me on my birthday one year, so I slowly starting playing, mainly just playing with my family. This soon led to my first band with Rio, not long after we met Will at an Open mic, and went from there! Â

R - I was in a Band with Luke for a bit and then we went on to meet Will at an open mic, like the other guys have said!Â

What are your hobbies and passion, outside of music? Â

W - Outside of the music, I like to skateboard a lot and then just hang around with my friends.Â

R - I do a lot of BMX riding, which, for me, is a way to stay healthy and socialise more with other people. Â

L - I play a lot of Tennis and also coach sometimes. Other than that, just hang with my friends, not all too interesting really. Â

I've seen you play live at several venues and you definitely pack a punch when you perform live, what have been the best live moments for you so far?Â

L – Personally, it’s hard to pick a favourite moment, but there’s our most recent gig at The Cavern in Exeter where the crowd sang, moshed and had a good time.Â

R - In my opinion, the ‘On The Road Music festival’ was a good one, everyone was singing and just getting involved, was a good weekend!.Â

W - I really enjoyed ‘On The Road’ as well, I felt there was such a good crowd interaction it was really unlike anything I have done before. Â

What is the inspiration for your songs and music?Â

L - We have a massive playlist on Spotify with loads of our favourite bands and we try and listen to that to get inspiration.Â

What has been the funniest situation in your lives so far? Â

W – ‘Ilfracombe Legends of Rock’ was a funny one, my guitar cut out right at the last song.Â

R - I remember playing ‘Rock for Oz’ in Braunton and my cymbals fell off the drum riser.Â

L - I think mine was also at ‘Ilfracombe Legends of Rock’, as throughout one of our songs, my mic stand just kept on slowly lowering, so I had to practically bend down just to reach the mic and sing.Â

What are your thoughts on the music industry as a young band?Â

L - The music venues are doing a great job at the moment of supporting smaller bands and Artists and putting them on their line-ups. Also, local and non-local musicians are mostly very respectful of everyone else in the industry, it’s just a big community, but like everything there are the downfalls and we think it is the streaming services that are not supporting small musicians enough.Â

When and where are you playing next?Â

We are next playing on the 5th February at our first ever headline gig at the Braunton Parish Hall, should be a good night. Other than that, it’s just a lot of shows to be confirmed and hopefully lots of festivals in the summer.Â

Keep Rocking, RockersÂ