Turbine ‘effects?’

Joseph Bulmer

SIR – The Harbour Porpoise, Grey Seal, Minke Whale and Common Dolphin as well as fish, shellfish etc will all be affected.

The blades of the turbines kill birds and bats. RWE themselves state that during the operational phase the following may occur: Alteration to wave characteristics at the coast, adversely impacting surf. Changes to patterns of wave activity as a result of the presence of the turbine foundations impacting littoral transport at the coast.

Fishing will be affected. You may also find that your TV picture is affected, the pilot of your aircraft may find his radar useless and as for saving energy and money consider the following: Six wind farms in Scotland were paid �890,000 to stop producing energy because the National Grid was unable to use the power they were generating.

I really feel that the public should be encouraged to visit RWE’s site and download and read the PEI-Volume-1-Offshore.pdf. Having read what they are forced to admit will occur if this windfarm goes ahead then I feel everyone will agree that we cannot allow it to happen.

Sally-Ann Kingham,

(via email)