North Devon Crematorium - Credit: Google

Tributes and chapel hit by vandals at North Devon Crematorium

Joseph Bulmer

Vandalism and criminal damage at North Devon Crematorium has prompted North Devon Council and Devon and Cornwall Police to launch an investigation.

Serious damage has been caused at the crematorium over the last two weekends, with one of those incidents apparently occurring overnight on Friday, June 17.

A further incident happened on Monday night (20-21 June), along with an attempt to enter the gardener’s shed.

Several roof-lights have been smashed on the large chapel forcing its temporary closure, affecting several funerals.

In addition, several tributes to loved ones have been damaged, some irreparably.

The repairs and measures to prevent a re-occurrence will cost several thousands of pounds.

The manager, Mark Drummond said “I struggle to understand why someone would damage personal tributes left by loved ones and cause damage to a chapel, putting funeral services at risk. I apologise to anyone affected by these incidents and would like to reassure everyone that we will do all we can to maintain free access to the site whilst taking steps to prevent such behaviour again in the future.”

Do you know anything? If so, please contact the council via private message, or the police by calling 101.