Traders stay positive in face of ‘fait accompli’

Joseph Bulmer

South Molton businesses want to work with Tesco for the benefit of town

SOUTH Molton traders say they have accepted that a Tesco supermarket will be built in the town and want to work with the supermarket giant to make the best of the situation.

The issue of a new supermarket was discussed by around 20 members of the South Molton Business Association at a “lively” meeting in the town on Wednesday night.

The association, which currently has 76 members, says the majority of its members have accepted the likelihood that a large foodstore will be built in the Central Car Park area.

Chairman David Walker said the association felt that the coming of a Tesco supermarket was a “fait accompli” but members were trying to remain positive in the face of increased competition.

“We have a broad membership and there were mixed messages from the 22 or 23 businesses that came to the meeting,” he said.

“Some feel the area does need to be cleaned up, while others simply do not want Tesco to come to the town.

“But we are trying to be positive and once we have got some feedback from our members and other businesses in the town, we want to be able to work with Tesco in ways that we feel would be advantageous to the business community of South Molton.”

Mr Walker said that the association had formed a steering group that would be looking at canvassing businesses in the town.

He said: “We want to speak to members and non-members about their fears, hopes and ideas, and take them to Tesco.”