Torrington’s royal family

Joseph Bulmer

IT will be a proud day for the Magarotto family when Torrington holds its age-old May Day ceremony this year.

When 11-year-old Molly Magorotto takes centre stage as the May Queen she will be following in the footsteps of both her mother and her grandmother.

Mum Andrea (nee Barrett) was queen in 1980 and grandmother Gwen (nee Pitts) filled the royal role in 1961.

Male members of the family also play their parts in the celebrations. Molly’s dad Scott was a boy herald in 1982 and Gwen’s husband Mario is the civic mace bearer.

To complete the family affair, Molly’s aunts Chiara and Marika have both been attendants.

When people fill Torrington Square once again for the colourful annual ceremony on May 5 young Molly will be crowned under the maypole by schoolmate Polly Sanders, also 11.

They will be escorted by boy heralds Freddie Webber and James C.-Hollingsworth and accompanied by young attendants Courtney Crews, Alex Wheeler, Jessica Sanders, Emma Lewington, Anastasia Almey, Sabella McPake, Ebony Bugge and Jessica Burgess-Farrant.