Torrington schoolboy’s letter from Mayor of New York

Joseph Bulmer

TORRINGTON schoolboy Jac Simpson has received a special letter from the Mayor of New York.

His letter from America has come after he sent a poignant ballad about the 9/11 atrocity to President Barack Obama and the Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg.

It has come from the mayor’s office and is signed personally by Mr Bloomberg. He tells Jac that he ‘was honoured to receive your poem’ and thanks him for his ‘compassion and concern for those affected by the events of September 11, 2001.”

Jac, 12, was among students at Great Torrington School studying ballads, a type of poetry, and how they tend to tell a story, often tragic.

In researching his story Jac was moved by what he found out about the 9/11 tragedy and reflected this emotion in his ballad.

Assistant head teacher Andy Bloodworth said: “He really worked hard on the ballad, re-drafting until it was perfect. It was so good that we decided to send it to Mayor Bloomberg and to Barack Obama, so they could see how the event has affected people in this country as well as in the US.”

It sent to the American leaders by Jac and his English teacher Gill Clayton, with a covering letter to explain why he had chosen to write it.

Jac’s ballad Ground Zero extends to 15 verses.

It starts: “In New York some years ago,

A tragedy was ahead.

The planes crashed and the towers fell.

Soon many would be dead.

“They weren’t expecting the hijackers;

They wormed their way onto the plane,

Just getting ready to strike the hearts

Of the country, they had a lot to gain.

“As the passengers looked forward to leaving the ground,

The terrorists were only waiting

For the chance to destroy the towers.

They knew the lives they were taking.”

Jac ends:

“This ballad is dedicated to those people who,

Lost their lives that September.

The disaster only brought America together.

Those who died, we will remember.”