Top teams score heavily

Joseph Bulmer

The top teams in the North Devon Netball League have continued to shoot with great accuracy despite the weather.

Carol Anne Trolls, Titans Apollo, Carol Anne Diamonds and Mole Valley Moltons all managed to surpass 50 goals again this week.

Titans Venus found their form in Division 2 and kept title hopefuls Venners Misfits in sight throughout the game to earn a 27-27 draw.

Panthers and Coodes had a similarly close game, with Panthers finally taking the spoils by one goal.

Reeds moved back to the top of Division 3 after beating Carol Anne Golds 34-24.

Div 1: Carol Anne Trolls 56, Titans Neptune 32; Titans Apollo 56, Titans Jupiter 18; Carol Anne Diamonds 55, Titans Voyager 26; Venners Bakery Vipers 34, Carol Anne Pearls 30, Venners Bakery Baby Cobras 19, Titans Saturns 17.

Div 2: Mole Valley Moltons 51, Carol Anne Rubies 14; Venners Bakery Cobras 42, Fillies 14; Panthers 40, Coodes 39; Venners Bakery Misfits 27, Titans Venus 27.

Div 3: North Devon Homes 46, Carol Anne Jets 15; Reeds Silverside 34, Carol Anne Golds 24; North Devon Homes Stars 30, Venners Bakery Pythons 18.