Too much?

Joseph Bulmer

SIR - I refer to your article on Page three of the North Devon Gazette dated January 25, 2012.

Just ask yourself, in what other country would the equivalent of not one, but two coastguard teams, the RNLI, the search and rescue helicopter from Chivenor and, finally, Diana Lewis plus a team of volunteers from Animal Ambulance, appear on the scene to rescue one dog? No, I don’t know, either.

I’m wondering if the response might have been a tad over the top. A little unnecessary, perhaps. Admittedly, Marley is a border terrier, a particularly nice breed of dog and deserves the best.

I do have one small query. Why weren’t the WRVS there serving up cups of tea to all those worthy souls?

I’m pleased Marley was rescued, but at what cost?

J Popinjay, Chulmleigh