Tight at the top of the tables

Joseph Bulmer

IT’S tight at the top of the North Devon Netball League, with just two points covering the leading three teams after each has played five matches.

Torrington A maintained their place at the top, beating Commodores 8-2, but are just one point ahead of Smugglers, who won twice in a week to make up ground.

Adjudicators are just one point further back. They rested their two top scoring players this week, but still ran out 8-2 winners against Castle Knights, thanks to triples from Terry Wright and Peter Grant.

Hopefuls continued on their winning way in Division 2 and hold a 12 point advantage after six successive wins.

But their game with Hartland this week was a close affair, Len Weston again leading them with three wins, but Hartland becoming the first team to beat them in the doubles this season.

Second placed Bandits recorded another big win, although the 9-1 victory over Littleham was more closely contested than the scoreline suggests.

Div 1: Castle Knights 2, Adjudicators 8 (T Wright, P Grant 3); Misfits 4, Smugglers 6; Smugglers 8, Commodores 2 (R Latif 3); Torrington A 8, Commodores 2 (K Taylor, B Taylor 3).

Div 2: Dolphins 1, Herons 9 (S Overton, R Gale 3) Hopefuls 6, Hartland 4(L Weston 3); Littleham1, Bandits 9 (M Hill, J Gawrisch 3); Untouchables 8,Littleham 2 (D Sweeney 3)