Thursday Santa run

Joseph Bulmer

BIDEFORD Round Tablers and their Santa sleigh were in for a record-breaking fund raising year before the snow came down.

This has meant the postponement of a number of Santa’s scheduled runs. It’s not that the snow bothers him, but he is concerned for his little helpers on the pavements and doesn’t want any children or adults coming out to see him and slipping over.

Although he is very busy at this time of year Santa has said that he will try and get back to anywhere he has missed tomorrow, Thursday, December 23, even if just for a flying visit.

His Round Table helpers are looking to run an additional evening then and will be posting any changes to the routes on the website.

The Tablers have already raised �4,364.83 towards their target of �7,000 and would like to thank everyone who has made a donation, no matter how large or small, as everything that they collect goes back into the local community in some way.

Their special Online Santa tracker has also gone down well and been quite accurate accurate! They will be linking to the Track Santa site and NORAD so children and adults will be able to continue to track Santa once he has left the Bideford area on the 23rd to complete his global deliveries!