Join Bob Fox in concert at Shammick Acoustic on Saturday (April 25)

Folk musician and War Horse Songman Bob Fox will be playing at Shammick Acoustic in the Pack O’ Cards on Saturday.

He has toured with the hit show for the past year, but returned to gigging for a time.

This superb performer had to cancel a booking at Shammick Acoustic when he first got the role over three years ago, and it has taken all that time to arrange another booking.

Bob has been around as a professional folk singer/musician for a long time – since the mid 70s, in fact. Working first with fellow north-easterner Tom McConville, then with Stu Luckley, he worked all over Europe and the Antipodes.

His first solo CD wasn’t forthcoming until the year 2000, and turned out to be a real triumph. With nominations in the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, he worked on the award-winning new series of Radio Ballads in 2006, with John Tams, who has worked with the National Theatre for many years.

Ralph McTell recognised his ‘astonishing guitar technique coupled with one of England’s finest voices’. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear this extraordinary singer.

It starts at 8pm and tickets are available from Pets Pantry in the village or