Tree Top Troubadour to perform at The Plough in Torrington

Ben Trevor the Treetop Troubadour in action. Picture: Andrew Walmsley

Ben Trevor the Treetop Troubadour in action. Picture: Andrew Walmsley - Credit: Andrew Walmsley

A North Devon-based musician will perform a gallery show at The Plough Arts Centre in Torrington to launch a new YouTube Series entitled Tree Top Troubadour: How to Record an Album Up a Tree on Friday, February 28.

Ben Trevor the Treetop Troubadour. Picture: Terry Annis

Ben Trevor the Treetop Troubadour. Picture: Terry Annis - Credit: Terry Annis

The show will mark the official start of Ben Trevor's mission to combine his skills as a musician and arborist to create a high-quality original music album high in the canopies of trees.

As well as playing brand new original material from the forthcoming album alongside some well-known covers, the Woolsery performer will talk about his performance at the top of the UK's tallest tree, a dizzying appearance above the main stage at Larmer tree festival on a Saturday night and his bid to perform the completed album, in full, at the top of the tallest tree in the world.

He'll also explain the deeper motivation and message behind this most extraordinary Tree Top Troubadour adventure.

The YouTube series will be a 'warts and all' documentary of Ben's attempt to tell the story, through his music, of the life-changing adventure Tree Top Troubadour has become, showing all the highs, lows, breakthroughs and challenges faced.

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Ben said: "It'll be pretty lo-fi to start with as we work on the raw material and techniques, but as we learn, things will improve and we'll start to see the full potential this project has to offer - we want the viewer on that journey with us.

"In performing music up trees, I have combined my skills as an arborist and musician to create a completely unique creative venture that has unlocked doors to experiences and opportunities that I would otherwise have never known existed.

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"I've achieved things I never thought possible and I hope my project will inspire people to connect more with the natural world and their own creativity and encourage them to pursue their dreams and ambitions no matter how outrageous they may seem."

For tickets and information call 01805 624624.

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