Tales of hardship and injustice for people in North Devon will be brought to light through folk song at The Plough Arts Centre in Torrington on Wednesday, May 23.

Human Cargo with Matthew Crampton and American folk legend Jeff Warner will give a voice through song to some of history’s emigrants, slaves and transportees – including those from Torrington.

Martha Crosscombe was a 44-year-old dairy maid from Little Torrington with four children, but in 1829 she was convicted of stealing a cheese – her first offence – and sentenced to seven years’ transportation.

Teenagers James Leverton and John Holloway, both 15, were also sentenced to seven years in Australia in 1835 for stealing six pieces of lace from Torrington market.

The show is based on Crampton’s book Human Cargo: Songs and Stories of Emigration, Slavery and Transportation and the duo gather stories for each venue.

Doors open at 7.30pm. For tickets call 01805 624624 or go to https://www.theploughartscentre.org.uk .