Simon Yates will be sharing the remarkable story at the Queen’s Theatre later this month

The mountaineer behind the true-life survival story Touching the Void will be sharing the remarkable story at The Queen’s Theatre in Barnstaple on Friday, September 30.

When Simon Yates faced being slowly pulled off the mountain by his injured climbing partner Joe Simpson, Simon’s decision to cut the rope saved both their lives.

The epic tale of survival on a remote mountain in Peru was recounted by Simpson in his award-winning book, which was later adapted into a film.

It was an experience that would have put many off the sport of mountaineering but remarkably, 30 years later, Simon is still at it.

From the Arctic to the Antarctic, Alaska to Central Asia, there is hardly a significant range of mountains that he has not visited and what’s more, he’s brought back the stories and pictures to share with live audiences.

Simon’s tireless journey from that mountain in Peru to some of the remotest on the planet is told with wit, dry humour and lavishly illustrated with images and video collected on his great climbs.

The show, My Mountain Life, starts at 7.45pm.

For tickets, call the Queen’s Theatre box office on 01271 324242 or click here.