Meet the influential contemporary artist Kerry Darlington in person at Driftwood Contemporary Art, Ilfracombe, on Sunday, June 11

Beauty and the Beast by Kerry DarlingtonBeauty and the Beast by Kerry Darlington

Meet renowned artist Kerry Darlington at Driftwood Contemporary Art in Ilfracombe this June.

The gallery at St James Place is hosting an exhibition of the influential artist’s work and on Sunday, June 11 there will be the chance to meet her in person during the afternoon.

Kerry, from North Wales, is an influential artist who is renowned for the haunting beauty of her work that combines ‘pattern, nature, energy and nostalgia’.

She is famous for her immersive narrative pieces with a plethora of different materials and her own signature translucent texture through the accumulation of layers which adds both depth and light.

The Driftwood Gallery at St James Place in IlfracombeThe Driftwood Gallery at St James Place in Ilfracombe

Her passion was inspired by a love of illustrated tales as a child. The mystery and magic of these stories inspired her to create art. She was enthralled by the Enid Blyton books and it was The Magic Faraway Tree in particular that entranced her and is the reason she believes that trees are so dominant in her work.

Kerry’s career began in 1996 as an illustrator, when she originally intended to pursue a career as a children’s book illustrator, inspired by Arthur Rackham, regarded as one of the leading illustrators from the golden age of British illustration.

Kerry’s work is in huge demand and in 2012 and again in 2014 she was named as the UK’s best-selling published artist for her extraordinary unique editions.

If you would like to meet with her on the day, or to find out more, call 01271 862590 or email

Moon Song by Kerry Darlington.Moon Song by Kerry Darlington.

Inside Driftwood Contemporary Art, IlfracombeInside Driftwood Contemporary Art, Ilfracombe