A hilarious and heart-warming slapstick comedy inspired by Charlie Chaplin’s film The Immigrant comes to The Plough Arts Centre in Torrington on Thursday (May 17).

This topical and delightful new show by comedian Chris Michael tells the story of people starting a new life in the west today.

Chris has captured the spirit of Chaplin’s original film and re-worked the content to tell a story of modern times.

It is based on hundreds of accounts of what it is like to come to live in an unfamiliar culture, and the show is about the universal experience of trying to fit in when you stand out.

Chris has worked as a professional visual comedian all over the UK for 19 years, performing more than 4,000 shows in theatre, circus, cabaret, festivals and schools.

The show is accessible for people with hearing problems.

For tickets call 01805 624624 or go to www.theploughartscentre.org.uk .