Dubious political deals, mishandled money, bribery, political panic – sounds familiar?

Shifting Sands Theatre presents a comedy at The Plough Arts Centre on Friday, May 3 that seems just as relevant today.

The Government Inspector, written in 1835 by Gogol, is a hilarious satire about corruption in a world where, increasingly desperate to hide their wrongdoings and keep the supposed Government Inspector happy, everyone loses their moral compass.

Artistic director Gerry Flanagan commented: “I am delighted to retell this classic. The Government Inspector is as relevant today as when it was first written.

“Any similarity between the anonymous town in the show and one somewhere near you is simply co-incidence.”

Shifting Sands create theatre that is both full of laughter and clowning yet rich in emotion.

It has won critical acclaim for playful, accessible adaptations of epic tales and classic texts - Faustus, King Lear, Great Expectations and The Seagull.

The company now updates Gogol's classic satire yet stays faithful to the themes of the original.

For tickets call 01805 624624.