The Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers bring their athletic mastery of the Japanese drum to the Landmark stage in Ilfracombe on Saturday, May 11.

THE impressive and awe-inspiring Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers arrive in Ilfracombe this Saturday on a wave of thundering rhythms, stunning synchronisation and a truly theatrical display.

The Landmark Theatre is set to reverberate to the rafters as the group bring the ancient tradition of Japanese drumming to a modern audience in a spellbinding display of pure energy and sheer athleticism.

Taiko drumming has a long history in Japan from its roots within religious festivals and it is said it is used to call the attention to the gods.

Fusing the traditional spirit with a contemporary look and sound this passionate modern stage performance has captivated audiences everywhere.

With mysterious masked choreography, inventive lighting, perfectly timed synchronisation and even infectious belly laugh humour, this is not simply a concert, but a true theatre experience.

Next year sees the group celebrate 20 years of performing in the UK and its is 21 years since founder members Neil Mackie and Miyuki Williams first travelling to Japan to start on their Taiko path.

The Landmark show starts at 8pm and tickets are available from 01271 324242 or by visiting