Catch the fusion jazz group on Monday August 24 in Torrington.

Instrumental quintet Radio Banska are set to take the stage at The Plough, Torrington, next Monday.

If your summer has been lacking a bit of dark Balkan passion, or if you have to get your Peruvian charango fix, then head to the Plough on Monday (August) 24 at 8pm.

The genre-defying band will enchant you with their passionate music which has Latin, Eastern European and Middle Eastern influences.

The Bath-based group released their first album back in 2012 entitled 'The Balkan Coutesan', despite not being signed to an official label.

"I spend hours listening to world music of all kinds, every continent, every genre, and very rarely does an album make me sit up the way this one did," said BBC Southwest

Former Marlborough International Jazz Festival performers, Banska are coming into the last leg of a nine-month tour around the South West.

They will take you on an exciting tour of musical influences from around the world, from Morocco, Jamaica and Buenos Aires to Paris, Budapest and the Balkans.

Their music has been described as a "jazz infused blend of Levantine mystery, dark Balkan passion and sensual Latin grooves."

"Radio Banska are a delight of fusion jazz, a hidden gem," Ian Roberts, promoter Teignmouth Jazz

Tickets: £8-£12

For tickets and further information call The Plough on 01805 624624.