The debut show from Alexander Rhodes is playing at the Escape Down The Rabbit Hole tomorrow (Saturday).

Set in the hedonistic world of 90s clubland, Alexander Rhodes tackles concepts of society and self-awareness with a blend of humour, inspiration and genuine despair.

Alexander was a disillusioned 23-year-old evangelist preacher before being ejected from a controlling cult and onto the dance floors of North Devon. One Foot in The Rave is a energetic mix of anger, love, mind programming, self-realisation, agony and total ecstasy.

Expect wry observations, chemically induced inspirations and twisted logic as Alexander tackles topics as diverse as mind control, substance abuse and male toxicity.

The show has previously sold out at the Barbican Theatre in Plymouth.

Alexander is a performance artist and former DJ/producer who regularly played in the North Devon rave scene at private parties and gigs such as Warleigh Manor.

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