North Devon and London based singer Jaden Cornelious has cracked backing track but sails through Open Mic UK audition

BREAKING the only copy of your CD backing track five minutes before going on stage is not the best way to prepare for to audition for a national music competition, but as preparation it seems to work for Jaden Cornelious.

The North Devon and London based singer and a former member of 90s pop band B-yond, had reluctantly decided to audition for the Open Mic UK contest and its goal of a grand final at London’s O2 Arena plus the chance to win a £50,000 recording contract.

Jaden admits he “doesn’t do competitions” but persuaded by a friend and inspired by a new song crafted for him by Bideford producer Richie Tattersall, he headed for the London audition.

“Five minutes before going on I managed to sit on and break the CD of the backing track I was going to use,” he said.

A mad dash to his car unearthed another of his own songs, Live the Dream, which by chance he had burned to CD in preparation to take back to Devon.

“It was quite a big judging panel, with nine people plus cameras and quite intimidating, because they want to see not just how you sing, but how you hold yourself – they use the competition to see what you would do with the opportunity,” added Jaden.

Now he will be competing this Sunday (September 18) at the Beck Theatre in Hayes, Middlesex and is looking forward to surprising the judges once again, this time with a classical song performed in Italian.

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