Welsh rockers Buffalo Summer will be bringing their new album to a gig at The Pier in Ilfracombe on Thursday, March 5.

Described as upbeat and ballsy, the South Wales band aims to offer its audiences big, bluesy, southern-tinged rock with riffs and melodies.

Guitarist Jonny Williams, vocalist Andrew Hunt, drummer Gareth Hunt and bassist Darren King have both the action and the attitude to evoke the days of the classic rock giants.

A time when Led Zeppelin, Free and Whitesnake strode stages like lions, yet with infusions of contemporary legends such as The Black Crowes, Alice In Chains and even a little dash of Jack White.

Their latest album Desolation Blue is released at the end of March and was cut together in five days sequestered in Wales, giving it an electric and spontaneous edge.

The album is described as a 'masterfully mature step-up' for the band, but fans can expect it to ring true to its classic rock roots.

Doors to The Pier gig open at 7pm. For tickets go to https://linktr.ee/silverliningmusic .