If you haven’t seen Mr Stink at the Queen’s Theatre in Barnstaple yet then try and catch one of the shows before it ends on Sunday.

Lucy Mae Beacock is outstanding as Chloe Crumb in Mr StinkLucy Mae Beacock is outstanding as Chloe Crumb in Mr Stink

My sister Abby-Rose, aged 10, and I went along to opening night of Friday, August 16 for the Chickenshed adaptation of the David Walliams hit and we both loved it.

The performers certainly did it justice and they were very good - the whole production was so captivating.

There is another show today (Saturday, August 17) at 7pm and then again tomorrow (Sunday) at 1pm.

The atmosphere in the theatre last night was great, you could tell that the children, parents and grandparents all enjoyed it equally, so it was great for all ages.

David Walliams' Mr Stink live showDavid Walliams' Mr Stink live show

The story sees the kind but lonely Chloe Crumb, aged 12, invite the homeless Mr Stink to move into her family's garden shed - but her mother soon has political ambitions to claim the generosity for herself.

And who is Mr Stink anyway?

Chloe, played by Lucy Mae Beacock, made the audience fall in love with her and the character Mr Stink (Bradley Davis) instantly.

Lucy Mae, who was born with spina bifida, has clearly put a lot of hard work and dedication into her performance after her recent medical operation in the US and she was dancing around stage, getting picked up and thrown around.

The rest of the performers were also just as good, you could feel the 'sibling' rivalry and love all at once with Chloe's sister Annabelle (Courtney Dayes). The rest of the ensemble tied the whole show together and as a musical, it was a very fun watch.

The adaptation did David Walliams' Mr Stink lots of justice and they couldn't have done a better job - all the performers should be proud of the performance.

For tickets visit www.queenstheatre-barnstaple.com or call 01271 316523.