Show promises as evolving piece of theatre with no script, a double bass and killer bass riffs.

A family of lost souls, the jaws of a city and a boatful of raw fish, is promised in this pioneering new work of performance storytelling on Friday.

Debs Newbold and Laurel Swift bring a defiantly 21st Century attitude to an ancient sea-tale in the theatrical Under Her Skin.

Setting an ancient folktale firmly in the here and now, Under Her Skin is a show of joyful irreverence, lyrical poetry, and killer bass riffs.

With just two performers and a double bass, a whole world is created from a quiet cove on Scotland’s north coast to rush hour in Whitechapel.

Using no script, this is a constantly evolving piece of drama which brings something new each night.

Under Her Skin will be shown at The Plough Arts Centre in Torrington on Friday at 8pm. For tickets call the Box Office on 01805 624624.