Katie McLeod brings her comedy drama mindfulness workshop to the Golden Lion Tap between June 29 & July 1.

Faced with her employer making redundancies, her rental contract being up for renewal and a relationship that isn’t quite what it seems, Katie McLeod decided to run a mindfulness workshop.

Inspired by true events, Katie brings to life this comedy drama that explores the pressures of modern life and how we can try to combat them.

The audience is asked to join Katie as she takes you through her mindfulness workshop that doesn’t always go to plan.

Katie lived through years in an emotionally abusive relationship before being forced to put her acting career on hold. This play navigates through the complexities of denial, acceptance and breakthrough with equal parts humour and pathos.

With encouraged audience participation, Losing my Mindfulness is an exploration of what happens when everything falls apart at a time when you need to be as together as possible.

To find out more information and to buy tickets, visit https://tickets.theatrefest.co.uk/program/show/18.