Hammering Near Glass is a new show making its debut at Barnstaple Fringe TheatreFest on Friday, Saturday & Sunday, June 20-22.

DRAMATIC and topical neo-noir thriller Hammering Near Glass makes it debut at Barnstaple Fringe TheatreFest.

The new play by Cornish theatre company, CAKE Productions, dramatically explores the subject of self-harm in a ‘spider and fly’ story following a suspected murder…

While the irritatingly persistent Detective Riley strives to get to the bottom of the case, social worker Ash does all she can to protect the main suspect, Alex, a troubled young man with a history of self-harming.

“This was a story that just had to be told. It’s a very human story, and as such it does not flinch from looking at the best and worst in us,” said writer Elaine Ruth White.

“As the plot unfolds, its twists and turns will take the audience on an unstoppable journey toward an unthinkable truth about what really happened.”

The show plays at Studio@QT on Friday, Saturday and Sunday during TheatreFest.