Christmas fun with Soul Intention in Westward Ho!

Soul Intention in action

Soul Intention in action - Credit: Contributed

Soul Intention will be making a welcome return to the Pier House in Westward Ho! for the first time since New Year's Eve 2019 when they played to a full house. 

This popular big-sound band with its unique brass section will be showcasing their new line-up in the beautifully decorated Bay Suite Function Room at the Pier House on Tuesday, December 14, for a night of pre-Christmas Fun. 

The band will be playing a variety of the old soul and Motown songs that people of all ages enjoy dancing to at what will be their final gig in 2021. Tickets are only available on the door and are £8 each.  

Can you help Soul Intention? The band has 10 band members and is looking for new venues to play in that is big enough for them with space for people to dance in. 

If you know of anywhere that might be suitable for their needs, they would like to hear from you. Please contact Penny on 01271 860379 or email

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