Newly formed but long-acquainted folk duo the Bodstone Boys are playing at the New Inn, Fremington, on Friday, January 31.

Featuring guitar, melodeon, bodhran and percussion, the pair of well know North Devon musicians will be playing a range of traditional and contemporary music and songs, from rousing jigs, reels and lively songs to softer tunes and ballads.

Chris Pearce and Garry Thompson only began playing as the Bodstone Boys six months ago, but have known each other for years.

Garry said: "We had been playing for a long time in folk sessions but we thought we enjoyed each others' music and that it would be a good idea to team up together as a duo.

"It's folk fusion of traditional and contemporary, with our own stamp on it.

"We have some our own material and we also re-arrange things and do them in our own way."

The New Inn gig this Friday starts at 8.30pm. You can keep up to date with the duo on the Bodstone Boys Facebook page.