Catch Witch and a genuine witch’s mark at St Anne’s Arts & Community Centre in Barnstaple this week

Historical drama with Witch at St Anne's as part of Barnstaple Fringe TheatreFest.Historical drama with Witch at St Anne's as part of Barnstaple Fringe TheatreFest.

Original historical drama Witch will be performed in Barnstaple this week in the presence of a real witch-mark at St Anne's Arts and Community Centre.

For this year's Fringe TheatreFest in Barnstaple, a play about an accusation of witchcraft will be performed on Friday (June 30) at 8.30pm, Saturday (July 1) at 1pm and Sunday (July 2) at 4pm.

The Circle of Spears Production is written by Tracey Norman and she is especially excited that the production will be performed in the centre, real-life protective 'witches marks' have been found.

The play does not touch on magic, devil pacts or familiars but it is based on actual court records from the South West, meaning that everything that happens in the play happened to a living person.

The thought-provoking performance has successfully toured a number of locations throughout the South West, as well as being used as educational theatre for secondary and university students.

Described as 'intense', 'compelling' and 'utterly immersive', the show recently received a four-star review from Remotegoat, which said 'This is powerful stuff and will stay with me'.

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For tickets to the show or more information, go to Don't miss the chance for Frequent Fringer vouchers to see multiple shows too. Visit the Baptist Hall, St Anne's Arts Centre and The Golden Lion Tap for tickets during the festival.