The Starlings will be hosting their debut gig at Saunton Road Studios in Braunton on Saturday, April 29, inspired by the Mike Collins tribute night and to raise awareness for mental health charity Clarity

An exiting new trio will make their debut on Saturday for a cause that is close to their hearts.

Starlings will perform at Saunton Road Studios in Braunton for local mental health charity Clarity at 2pm.

The gig was inspired by a tribute night in February in honour of Barnstaple saxophonist Mike Collins, who died last year in an accident.

The tribute gig was organised by Jim Jones and friends at Petroc and also raised money for Clarity.

The Starlings consists of Kieran Hennessy on drums, Jamie Adam on double bass and Jules Moberly on guitar and effects.

Jules said: "All of us are directly or indirectly affected by mental health issues. I have been fortunate to get help and support for my own struggles.

"Unfortunately we all too often hear, read or know someone who loses the battle."

Jamie, Jules and Kieran were all in The Breaks Collective and lost their manager Adam in 2012.

The money raised from the gig will fund a 15-week course costing £2,790, which will provide counselling for both individuals and therapy groups for people who have been bereaved through suicide.

"This is a considerable amount of money to raise, and it's certainly not going to happen off the back of one gig, but we hope this will kick-start an ongoing campaign to reach this target," said Adam.

"This is just the beginning. I will continue to do fundraising gigs and find ways to raise the money until the target is met. I am available for private events so please get in touch."

You can donate to the appeal at