Father Ted funnyman Ardal O’Hanlon is coming to Barnstaple in March as part of his new UK tour.

The comedian will be at the Queen’s Theatre on Wednesday, March 13 with his new show, The Showing Off Must Go On.

Where Ardal comes from (small-town Ireland) there is nothing worse than showing off. Yet he is a professional ‘show-off’ who continues to do stand-up comedy for money, a very shy show-off (and as a result conflicted) but a big show-off nonetheless (a disgrace to his family). So why does he do it?

In an age of raging populism, #MeToo, identity politics, the end of truth, the collapsing middle ground, peak avocado and £15 Gin and Tonics, and terrified of being on the wrong side of history, and desperate to prove that his gender, race, age and class don’t necessarily define him, Ardal is forced to saddle his high horse again and ride fearlessly into the culture wars (with a white hankie in his pocket just in case), comedy as ever being the best emergency response mechanism to extreme events.

For ticket information go to www.parkwoodtheatres.co.uk/Queens-Theatre or call 01271 316063.