Tragicomic humour and slapstick in best Phython-style with Boxed In at the Queen’s in Barnstaple on Thursday, May 9.

IMAGINE Buster Keaton directing Laurel & Hardy, add a dash of the absurd, flying saucers and boxes. Lots and lots of boxes.

Then you have Boxed In, coming to the studio @ QT in Barnstaple on Thursday, May 9 at 8pm.

Boxed in tells the story of a warehouse, two workers and their obsessions. While outside economic catastrophe looms, young people can’t find work, food prices rocket and the old see their pensions plummet.

Meantime, inside the warehouse and oblivious, they squabble over who should make the tea.

In this climate of mounting economic disaster, when their warehouse world collapses, they find themselves in a bleak wasteland where they confront, with comic precision, the meaning of life.

Clever theatre, but with slapstick humour at times and a quirky ‘Phythonesque’ approach – why not spend an evening Boxed In?

The hsow starts at 8pm and tickets are available from 01271 324242 or visit