Who would have thought that back in 1999 we were witnessing the birth of one of Europe s coolest surfing and music festivals, Goldcoast Oceanfest .

Who would have thought that back in 1999 we were witnessing the birth of one of Europe's coolest surfing and music festivals, 'Goldcoast Oceanfest'.

Its evolution proud and stoic. Its reputation, enthusiastically supported by an ever expanding list of international sports personalities, music stars and a loyal and growing fanbase, all of whom make the midsummer weekend in June, a fixed date in the calendar. Each year, as the festival draws to a close, its followers demand the dates for the next year's gig, so they can book accommodation and be sure they are part of the experience, that is now synonymous with GoldCoast


Cast your mind back if you can, 1999, a blustery, overcast mid-summer weekend, with very little swell or surf to talk about. Back in a time where the internet was 'dial-up' and all subsequent offspring (Google, myspace, facebook et al) were merely figments of the imagination; these technologies have overwhelmingly encompassed our lives now to such an extent, that we take them for granted and expect them to deliver, faultlessly, without question...

Oceanfest, the early years, were raw. The experiences on offer were limited only by budget, but not vision. Among the believers then, was the North Devon District Council, who witnessed the visionary Latham brothers cleverly reveal the lifestyle sports market place, by marrying it with Devon's natural coastal offerings of sun, surf and sand. Recognising their eye for detail and believing they they could deliver an event- led tourism dynamic that was worth building on. How right they were!

Along with the North Devon Festival, now in full swing, make sure you don't miss the event of the year, right here in North Devon. Celebrating the Oceanfest's tenth production is none other than 'Mr. Soul Surfer' himself, Donavon Frankenreiter from Laguna Beach, California who flies in especially for an intimate performance in Croyde, overlooking the beach. What an experience that'll be! Gates open at the Croyde festival arena at 10am throughout the weekend, tickets on sale online now.