The finer details of the new North Devon coalition agreement

Joseph Bulmer

The Lib Dems and independents set out there aims for the next four years

Below are the main points of the Co-operation Agreement between Liberal Democrat and independent members to form an administration to run North Devon Council from 2011-2015.

It was signed on Wednesday by councillors Rodney Cann, Mike Edmunds, Brian Greenslade and Malcolm Prowse as the heads of their respective groups.

1. None of the participating members are bound by the agreement to support every item of business brought forward but are asked to advise the partners in advance if they are unable to support a particular policy position.

2. The signatories will meet as and when required to ensure the agenda of the council is progressed in a stable and businesslike manner.

3. The following policy areas be taken forward and developed:

a) Improve the supply of affordable housing in the district.

b) Give environmental policies greater priority, especially improving recycling rates.

c) NDC to take a greater role in economic regeneration.

d) Build the capacity of North Devon Council working with partners when and where appropriate.

e) Work on the overheads of the council to release resources for keeping council tax down and improving services to the public.

f) Make North Devon Council more visible to the community.

g) Improve the standing of, and communications with, all elected members of the council through a designated all group Procedures Working Party which will deal with all member related issues, constitutional matters and the operation of internal procedures.