The end of the world could be nigh...

Joseph Bulmer

THE End of the World Is Nigh: Actually, not quite yet but this enjoyable romp of music, poetry and prose playing at Boston Tea Party tracks the progress of man’s attempt at bringing it about so far.

Bob Harding-Jones uses poetry and prose while musician Brian Heywood guitar and voice to create a show that takes a look at our relationship to the world we live in.

They explore with poetry and music topics such as

the country life, wildlife extinction, rural development and the way we live, skilfully wrapping a thought provoking sub-text in a series of catchy songs, prose links and poems. The music is alternately aggressively lyrical and reflectively provocative, liberally spiced with wicked wit and pointed observations.

In others words: Is the end of the world nigh? Only if you let it...

It is at Boston Tea Party tomorrow (Thursday) at 6.30pm, Saturday at 5pm and Sunday at 3.30pm.

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