The Beggar's Opera - This week at the Queen's Theatre

North Devon Gazette

The original hit musical, The Beggar’s Opera, will be performed at Barnstaple’s Queen’s Theatre this month.Â

The Beggar’s Opera is a tale of London’s underworld, made in Barnstaple, for the people of Barnstaple. Written by John Gay, one of North Devon’s true success stories, this rebellious piece is a comedy of highwaymen, hangmen and harlots and is uncompromising in its exposure of moral and financial corruption.Â

Paul Jepson, Director, said “I’ve always wanted to do the Beggar’s Opera. The energy of the characters appeals. And the anarchy of the piece. And it’s incredible radicalism.”Â

“How on earth did someone dare to write like that in 1728? How did he give voice to people who had never been heard? How did he dare hold a society up and utterly torch it? And how did he manage to come up with so many hummable songs and make it all so funny?”Â

“Then I was rehearsing Christmas Carol on stage in the Queen's Theatre during lockdown. It was pretty spooky. Deserted. And sad. And I was walking around the front of house and I came across it. Up in the Circle Foyer. The clay bust in the glass case. John Gay. Barnstaple’s most famous son. I thought. Well time to do it!”Â

Jam-packed with fantastic songs and brought to you by the team that made A Christmas Carol, come and discover an inventive retelling of this watershed satire at the Queen’s Theatre!Â

The Beggar’s Opera will be at the Queen’s Theatre, Barnstaple, from Wednesday 13 to Saturday 16 October. Tickets start at just £16, with a limited number of tickets available for under 25’s at just £10. To book your e-tickets visit queenstheatre-barnstaple.comÂ

The Queen’s Theatre often plays host to the best in theatre, dance, drama, comedy and more. The theatre is also happy to host many community theatre groups to work alongside its professional touring programme.Â

The venue was originally named The Queen’s Hall from the 1952 rebuild and has been in its current format since 1993; however, a theatre has been on this Barnstaple site site since 1435.

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