Tarka Country Trust launches Biodiversity Awards 2021

North Devon Gazette

The Tarka Country Trust has launched new Biodiversity Awards, each award comes as a package, which includes a grant of up to £1,000 and individualised support from a Trustee of the Tarka Country Trust, for individuals and community groups to carry out projects to help local wildlife.Â

The grants cover three themes:Â

  • Addressing the loss of localised biodiversityÂ
  • Reversing the decline of Devon primrose in our hedgerows and byways.Â
  • Commemorating ash trees in local communities by creating a visual record or artwork to inform and educate of their past importance in the local environment.Â

The Trust would be pleased to receive applications from:Â

  • Owners of land of poor value in terms of biodiversity which would benefit from improvement.Â
  • Groups working together to improve biodiversity within the local area.Â
  • Individuals who want to improve the quantity and diversity of local wildlife.Â

The grants are set to be an annual event for the next three years; each successful application attracts a level of funding to help support the work.Â

In the 2021 awards there are:Â

  • Four awards of £500 and one of £1,000 to be spent on efforts to increase levels of biodiversity.Â
  • Under the Devon Primrose project each successful application will receive a batch of plug plants to be planted in their locality at the appropriate time.Â
  • For commemorating the presence of the Ash tree there are two awards of £500.Â

For each award, as well as funding, each successful applicant will be assigned the dedicated support of one of the trustees of the Tarka Country Trust to provide expert advice and support.Â

The deadline for these applications is 30/11/2021, to find out more and to apply for an award go to the Tarka Country Trust website at https://www.tarkacountrytrust.org.uk to complete the application form.Â

The Tarka Country Trust was set up in March 1999. Following a successful application to the Millennium Commission, the Trust ran the Tarka Country Millennium Awards from 2000 to 2004.Â

The Objectives of the Trust are:Â

  • To preserve for the benefit of the public the natural features of northern Devon whilst respecting any historical features.Â
  • To advance the education of the public about conservation and the protection of the environment in northern Devon.