Tammy the anteater arrives at Exmoor Zoo

Joseph Bulmer

A new arrival at Exmoor Zoo is standing out from the other exotic creatures at the attraction by a nose.

Tammy the anteater – or southern tamandua to be precise – is the latest addition to the zoo near Bratton Fleming and is already happily settled into her heated indoor home near the caf�.

The 11 month old, whose tree climbing species is native to tropical South America, is perhaps slightly puzzled by a lack of ants and termite mounds but nonetheless is happily tucking into the specialist ant porridge prepared for her.

“She has the most specialised diet of any animal at the zoo and because of that there are not that many establishments that have the expertise to take them on,” explained education officer Steve Eddy.

Right through this Easter weekend from Good Friday to Monday, the zoo will be running an Easter Egg Hunt, an “egg-ucational” trail with an egg awarded to every child who takes part.

Southern tamanduas have a prehensile tail with large claws able to get at ant nests in the hollows of trees or termite mounds. Their tongues can extend up to 40 centimetres and they are generally nocturnal, as their sight is poor and they rely on sense of smell.