Sweet smell of success as Berrynarbor takes gold

Joseph Bulmer

THE sweet small of success is sweeping through the village of Berrynarbor as well as that of the flowers and herbs which have made it one of only three gold medal winners in the village category of the Royal Horticultural Society’s national Britain-In-Bloom awards.

Village committee members Wendy Jenner and Ann Harris combined their family holidays with a trip to St Andrews in Scotland to receive the award on Sunday night from TV gardener and presenter Rachel De Thame

South West winners for the past two years, Berrynarbor this year caught the national judges’ eyes not only with the colourful beauty of its displays, but with the smell of herbs

throughout the village and with the special efforts of the children in the school garden, through their own gardening club.

Committee member Wendy Jenner said the idea to incorporate herbs in the village displays had stemmed from their community shop. After the creation of their shop a few years ago much work was done to provide landscaping of the area and tubs of herbs were planted so customers could gather some. This theme had been continued in the village’s hanging baskets. The schoolchildren had also played their parts in the way they cultivated their particularly steep garden, she said. For Berrynarbor it was not only about hanging baskets, but sustainable planting for all the year round.

Treasurer Jenny Downer said: ”Participation in the UK Finals of the RHS Britain in Bloom campaign has been a great experience. The whole village has become more aware of the efforts involved and everyone has been pulling in the same direction, from the children at the village school right up to the residents of the care home. For our core working group the experience has been one of much fun, much hard work and the fulfilling sensation of giving something back to the community.”

The only other national gold medal winners in the village category were Filby in the Anglia region and Luddenden in Yorkshire, who were declared the overall category winners.