Summer scene

Joseph Bulmer

Time is slow, life is lazy,

A picturesque scene

just a little bit hazy.

Green hills shared with country lanes,

Deep valleys awash by summer rains,

Moorland and heather that stretch to the sky,

Grasslands and meadows where buzzards fly.

Mother Nature forever giving,

To plants and fauna displaying living,

Spectacular scenery where rivers run free,

Magnificent cliffs that fall to the sea.

All over North Devon glorious splendour

Where beauty transcends to a soulful agenda,

Tranquil and still in any direction,

This natural world steeped in perfection.

A place fo wonder

While summer holds sway,

For all points of the compass

To where the two rivers lay.

Leonard Hill,


Inspired by dreaming of summertime on a cold and wet December day.