Such ‘madness’

Joseph Bulmer

SIR - What is going on? There is a serious proposal for 417 giant turbines, nearly 700 feet high (nearly 50 per cent higher than the ones at Fullabrook), in the Lundy Marine Reserve and our prime fishing grounds.

Hundreds of jobs will be lost in the fishing industry and the visual impact will be horrendous for everyone, including tourists, now an important part of our economy.

Most of the construction will be carried out by contractors brought in to North Devon, and the ongoing maintenance work will be carried out from South Wales, because of the state of Ilfracombe harbour.

And we are already paying for these unproductive monsters. According to Ofgem 2011 figures, eight per cent of our bills comprise “Environmental and social supplier obligations,” which is an average of �80 a year for every household.

So what do we get out of it? Almost nothing. Eon, the German energy company told a committee of our MPs that wind turbines need 92 per cent back up from power stations, for the simple reason that no one knows when the wind will blow. Yes, 92 per cent back up.

We all want more renewable energy, but it must be appropriate for each location. Why can’t we have the proven marine current turbines which were so successfully trialled at Lynmouth? After all, we have some of the highest tides in the world.

Our politicians need to listen for once, and stop this madness.

M Pagram,