Success for angling youngsters

Joseph Bulmer

A trio of young lady anglers showed they might well be the competition of the future at recent Bideford and Appledore roving matches.

Millie Ayres and Chelsea Babb took first and second places in the junior sections in both clubs monthly contests, with wrasse of 3lb 10 � and 3lb 1 � ounces respectively. Millie also took third place at Bideford with another wrasse of 1lb 3oz.

Meanwhile, Steve Found won the Bideford senior section with a thornback ray of 9lb 12 � oz, Dick Talbot second with smoothound of 7lb 1 � and Andy Clements third with another thornback of 5lb 13 �.

Appledore’s rover saw David Atkinson take first and second with wrasse of 4lb 3 � and 4lb. Mike Hammett was third with a 3lb 8 � wrasse.