Sub zero temperatures and snow threatens

Joseph Bulmer

Motorists warned to avoid travel if possible as temperatures in Devon expected to fall as low as minus 10 again tonight, with snow possible tomorrow.

NORTH Devon is being warned of the potential of snow and ice this weekend.

Although low temperatures will again feature this evening (Friday,) as they have throughout this week, conditions are expected to change tomorrow morning.

Road surface temperatures will be around minus 10 in parts of the county overnight and Devon County Council gritters are out treating the main roads throughout this afternoon and again at 4am.

Saturday will see temperatures rising but forecasts warn there is a possibility of widespread rain and sleet, with snow on high ground, from around 9am onwards.

That may then freeze overnight on Sunday and ice is likely across the county.

Motorists are urged to avoid overnight travel unless absolutely essential as roads will be more hazardous.

If you must travel, allow additional time for your journey and reduce your speed, driving with care and according to the conditions. Stay tuned to local radio for updates on current weather conditions.

Those with vulnerable or elderly neighbours are asked to think about how they could possibly be helped through the cold spell.

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