Students earn their colours

Joseph Bulmer

YOUNG students of the 3k Kickboxing School of martial arts in Barnstaple earned their colours at their gradings for kickboxing and karate.

Successful students were: blue belt, Louis Pearce; blue tip, Ella Willmott, Chloe Wickham, Natashe Bailey, Olivia Webber, Jaime Bayliss, Jodie Mcwinnine and Billy Scott; purple, Cleo Gatting; purple tip, Kayleigh Baker, Lacey Lilse, Shelby Saunders, Thomas Mansell, Jake Wickham, Matthew Robins, Amy Robins and Emily Dudden; orange, Jamie Souch, Luke Thomas, Sophie Taylor Woodward, Charlotte Taylor Woodward, Sam Dudden and Jade Bailey; yellow, Brandon Hawkins and Nathan Taylor Woodward; yellow tip, Jasmine Carter and Kieran Carter.

Classes are held at Roundswell Community Centre and Fremington Parish Hall on Tuesdays and Thursdays respectively. Contact Nikki on 01271 325872 for more details